Brew Schedule 2011

January Beer
Mike Gerholdt
Belgian Red Ale
February Beer
Xmas Ale and Belgian Red
March 1st Beer
Matt Ebling
Robust Porter
March 2nd Beer
Alex Erdle
Arrogant Bastard Clone
April Beer
Steve Spears

May Beer
Aaron Tecroney

June Beer
Guy, Linda & Len

July 1st Beer
Mike Matthews Pale Lager Singha
July 2nd Beer
Monique & Mark
August Beer
Erica Snow & Bill Metzger
September 1st Beer
Greg Lis
September 2nd Beer
Doug Manly Manly Ale
October Beer
Ron Saeli Porter
November Beer
Ray & Len
December 1st Beer
Kurt & Roger Xmas Ale
December 2nd Beer
Doug & Bernie Strong Scotch
Brewing means taking responsibility for the beer from start to finish. Transferring the beer into the keg, making sure it is carbonated properly and chilled before the meeting. If for any reason you cannot deal with any of this yourself YOU are responsible to get someone to do it for you