Beer Recipes

Santa's Spice Christmas Ale

5 gal extract with grain

1 lb Crystal Malt - Steep in brew pot

Remove grain and add:

3.3 lb Can Munton&Fison Light Hopped Malt Syrup
2 3/4 lbs light dry malt extract
2 1/2 lbs light clover honey
2 tsp Gypsum

Bring to boil

2 oz Cascade - 60 min

2 tsp ground ginger - 10 min
2 tsp ground nutmeg - 10 min
3 tsp ground cinnamon - 10 min
grated Orange peel from 4 oranges - 10 min
1/4 tsp irish moss - 10 min

1 oz Cascade - 8 min

1 oz Cascade - 5 min

1/2 oz Cascade - 2 min

"a good yeast"

Roger, Kurt and a host of helpers brewed this at the November meeting to serve at the December meeting. It was a big hit with everyone.

Jay Stoltenberg's Strawberry Wheat

5 Gal Extract

2 - 3lb bags of Plain Wheat dry malt
1 pound fresh strawberries no stems, cut into s or 1/3s at t-minus 15 minutes
1 oz. Tettnang pellet hops 3.6% acid at t-minus 10 minutes
1 package Nottingham yeast
cup of priming sugar
Starting gravity 1.055
Final gravity 1.010

Jay brought some of this to the October '04 Meeting and I found it very tasty. It had a mild strawberry flavor that I personally liked better than many of the more overpowering fruit beers. If you like more strawberry flavor - add more strawberries.

Doug & Bernies Halloween Porter
A Robust Porter
11 gal All Grain - Batch Sparge
20 lb 2-row pale ale
3 lb Crystal
1.5 lb Chocolate
0.5 lb Black Patent

mash at 154 degrees for 60 min
mash out 15 min at 168 degrees
sparge at 170 to 12 gal total volume


4 oz East Kent Goldings @ 75 min
2 oz East Kent Goldings @ 15 min


Wyeast American Ale II

Bernie and my first attempt at a porter - it came out so nice I plan on making it again soon and not changing a thing.